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The Lake



MeccaMind is a 21-year-old artist from Bloemfontein that has recently moved to Cape Town. He started making music when he was fifteen years old and his debut album ROSES has just been uploaded and offers an unexpected hypnotic breeze to a hot summers day. Highly original in a world full of monotony the album is often guilty of being left on repeat.

I started because one day I was just sitting there, bored of all the music that was being released so I was like “why don’t I make the typa music I would want to listen to”.

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Not surprisingly people loved it and responded well to as It started catching on around my city especially amongst the skaters and the “artsy kids”. He describes some of his influences include Outkast, A Tribe Called Quest, Erykah Badu and the whole Soulection movement, saying that it’s pretty evident in his beat selection and cadence on my songs. 

‘Straight Vibin’ is the first single he worked on when he moved to Cape Town and the second single released from his debut mixtape called ROSES. “When I got the instrumental the words just started coming out. The song is one of my favourites because it sums up how I felt after moving to CPT perfectly, I was sad, lonely and lost as you can hear in the lyrics. I paint it perfectly just ‘Straight Vibin’.

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The singles name stems from the headspace he was in during experiencing the chaos around him and his new surroundings. He felt within all these emotions there’s peace in the chaos and that’s one of the biggest themes for the album. To find peace within, being in the middle of a tornado but sitting in the lotus position just Vibin’. The instrumental was made by my producer and friend Boni who also comes from a Soulection mindset. The video is a beautiful yet minimalist tribute to his vision. This track is a definite Summer hit and we are anxiously waiting to see what will be coming out of the MeccaMind camp in the future.


MeccaMind: @ayas_is_dead

Editor: @jaredvanskrrrrr

Song Producer: @boni_xiii

Production company: @fpsmediahouse

Producer: @mialubbe

Director: @skippyvee

DOP: @mufasa_the_skater

Model: @lia.lion

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