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For the new EP we wanted to go explore a darker, more funk influenced side of the 70’s. Late Night Special was the first song that came out of the writing and recording process and it’s the one that most emcompasses the new sound we’re grooving with at the moment. Instead of head banging we wanted people to dust off their dancing heels and get on down, wag your tail and dance 1970s’ New York Style. It’s a song for that night time drive to the boogie, brimming with attitude and flavour. 


Joshua Rogers
Painted Flowers
Late Night Special

Painted Flowers are a six piece rock n roll band from Johannesburg, South Africa comprised of Elio Moavero (Lead Vocals, harmonica), Anika Reinecke (Keys and back up vocal), Joshua Rogers (Lead guitar), Jonny Smith (Bass and back up vocals), Valentino Moavero (drums) and Ricky Chasumba (Guitar and back up vocals). They released their first single at the end of 2020 and have had a steady stream of releases since, including three music videos, two more singles and a debut EP called Walk It Loose. 

Their influences include The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground and more that add to their nostalgic sound. Their live shows are full of energy, hot sauce, style and good ‘ol foot stomping rock n roll. Painted Flowers will be releasing new music before the end of the year, keep your ears to the ground. 

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Our very own Joshua Rogers shot and directed the music video for Late Night Special. The video is an important part of introducing the themes, style and energy of the new direction Painted Flowers is going in. The idea was to have me getting dressed on the way to play with the band. Even though we’re channeling a darker, seedier side of 70’s funk, soul and rock n roll- we didn’t want the video to take itself too seriously, it’s meant to be fun and take you to the club. Can you dig it, Amen.

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Late Night Special is the first single off of Painted Flowers’ upcoming EP.

Directed, shot and edited by: Joshua Rogers
Produced by: Uncut Productions
Song produced by: Denz Salant

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