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In 2020 Gazelle returned to his roots on the mission to bring back the leopard hat through song and dance. Packing his bags for three weeks became a chapter of being stranded for a whole year during which he immersed himself from Limpopo to Ikapa. Driven by the mission to share the treasures that the world had offered him during years of exploration beyond known horizons, in a homecoming to create something new.


Xander Ferreira
Gazelle & Jack Parow

For the past ten years, Gazelle has been living and learning in New York City whilst slowly disappearing from the South African airways only to release the first song in nearly seven years titled ‘Let Go’ with Colombian artist Sinego which reached over two and a half million plays in the first few months. This was the start to a series of releases such as ‘Goeiemore Suid Afrika’ with Die Heuwels Fantasties and ‘Liefde Love Uthando’ with Bouwer Bosch and Freddy L.

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All in preparation to release a new Summer anthem in an echo of ‘Hosh Tokolosh’ with his friend Jack Parow, titled HIEKOMKAK. It is a deep dive into pure fun where the two artists rekindled collaboration, taking on Afrikaans stereotypes and making a naughty song for people to enjoy on the jol, while bringing a new catchphrase to the zeitgeist. HIEKOMKAK, which in simple terms means, ‘The shit is about to hit the fan.’ clearly seems to be true as two of South Africa’s Afrikaans household names team up for another ‘treffer’.

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The music video is a parody of ‘I Want it that way’ by The Backstreet Boys in reflection of materialistic affluence influencer culture. A satirical take on how Hip Hop and Pop artists use the visuals of wealth to perpetuate the strive to an impossible standard for most people. Ending it off with a moment of reality that it was just a dream.

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Produced And Directed By Xander Ferreira
Production Manager Danielle Mcdonald
Cinematography Konrad Raubenheimer & Kobus Louw
Editor Damiane Van Reenen
Color Jarryd Duthoit

Special Thanks To
Japie & Shari Van Niekerk
Cheetah Plains
And All The Wonderful Staff
The Nothing Club
& Everyone That Helped Us Along The Way
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