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Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys deliver a mix of intoxicating playfulness and high-octane power on the first single
off the final album in the Tapes trilogy, Teen Tapes (for performing your stunts).


Willem van den Heever
Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys’

Titled “Play”, it’s one of the earliest songs written for the 10-track record, due out in 2022. The single isaccompanied by a video that is Kruger’s most striking yet, with her enticing hand gestures and corporeal body movements feeding into the song’s feeling of acceleration and then halting; of propulsion and then breaking off. It was mostly shot in an abandoned building in Cape Town by Cape Town-based filmmaker, Willem van den Heever, who worked with Kruger on a number of videos for her previous band, Medicine Boy.

“Play’s” lyrics – “I wanna show you things I haven’t seen / take you places I haven’t been / cause I wasn’t brave / and I didn’t stay / but somehow you did / now I wanna learn to play” – serve as both a confession and an invitation from an artist who is using the process of songwriting as a self-generated map back into feelings of unhesitant love.

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The clear but self-conscious intent of “Play” is amplified by a sound that is both comforting (the track opens with a beat that serves as its pulse for nearly all of the four minute-plus track) and heavy (Kruger is newly armed with a fuzz pedal on Teen Tapes that she uses to mine a thrusting, compulsive melody). “The song and the video are intense but also tender, and teasing,” says Kruger of “Play”.

“There is a determination to let go, and an appreciation for the paradox therein. It’s a curious and very serious approach to playing by someone who is forsaking shyness for the pure joy of meeting the gaze of another.” Teen Tapes (for performing your own stunts) will be out through Unique Records in April 2022. It follows 2021’s Transit Tapes (for women who move furniture around) and completes the trilogy which began with the introverted collection of lullabies, Sleeping Tapes for Some Girls. The upcoming album was workshopped and recorded in Berlin with Liú Mottes, Andreas Miranda and Martin Perret, the same players who created and recorded Transit Tapes with Kruger.

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Mixed by Simon Ratcliffe at Sound & Motion Studios (Cape Town).

Mastered Uwe Teichert at Elektropolis (Brussels) Guitar, drums and bass recorded by Dirk Feistel at Studio X (Berlin)

Art direction and design by Adam Hill.

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