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Bushabal (formerly known as Dekiller’clown) is a rapper/producer who is born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. The young old artist shapes his sound around various aesthetics, vibes and energies sourced from different points and milestones in his life. His witty flows, bars and beat production make him a memorable rapper to have in your playlist.


Michael Rodrigues
The Complicated Hour

“I knew after meeting Mbuso (bushabal.wav) that there was this tenderness and sincerity to him – he didn’t have a need to parade his masculinity. I started thinking that it would be interesting to do a hip-hop music video that showcased the artist’s vulnerability. It excited me to subvert the attitude and male bravado that is typically at the forefront of hip-hop videos. Opposed to graffiti we see a wall of flowers, in place of an entourage surrounding our artist we see him isolated.” Director, Michael Rodrigues. Bushabal.wav describes the process of writing and producing “The Complicated Hour” as a coping mechanism in reaction to a series of hard and unfortunate moments he experienced. He says that the entire EP was conceptualized, produced and recorded in complete isolation.

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Artist: bushabal.wav (formerly known as DeKiller’Clown)

Directed and Edited by Michael Rodrigues

Producer: Robert Dos Santos

DOP: Rick Joaquim

Art Director: Tarryn Hatchett

Colourist: Jarryd Du Thoit at Left Post Production

Gaffer: Bryce Ninow

1st AC: Cat Hall

2nd AC: Matthew Abbey

Sparks: Shaun James and Craigen Clough

AD: Luke Van Niekerk

Catering: Cheryl Rodrigues and Jason Brown
Agency – And Advertising Agency

Special Thanks: Mike Hatchett, Chris Dos Santos, and Chris Harvey


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