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The music video for Small Fears debut track “Ghosts” takes on the form of a chase film where our lead is constantly fleeing a physical manifestation of his own mental demons. He’s trying to find ways to escape this omnipresent force, at parties and in crowds of people, but it’s the idea of wherever you go there you are. There’s no escaping yourself.


Michael Rodrigues 
Tarryn Hatchett
Small Fears

Small Fears was started in mid 2019 by producer and drummer Isaac Klawansky (Shadowclub / Flash Republic / Bloodmachine / Death by Misadventure) and Shadowclub frontman Jacques Moolman. Having honed his production skills with alt. electro project Bloodmachine, where Klawansky worked with Flash Republic rapper Clifford Viljoen, Isaac had amassed a back catalog of beats that hadn’t been put to use. “I’d gotten into analogue synthesis at a point, and started recording single take bass lines and top lines and then recording drums as a foundation for the synths”. On rediscovering the resulting material from these recordings, having “kinda stored them away and forgotten about them”, Klawansky sent them through to Jacques who fell in love with them, and Small Fears was born. “It took me a while to hash out the lyrical formula for each track, and I really spent hours writing and re-writing before I was happy” says Moolman.

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Small Fears see’s him exploring an entirely different vocal range and style, a vast move away from his efforts in the aggressive, punchy rock trio Shadowclub, and with a quality reminiscent of his solo project Chambers. A few months later and into 2020, Small Fears are set to release a 3 track EP titled ‘Megalomanic’, accompanied by a video for their first single ‘Ghosts’. The video, produced by Shut Up, Virginia! Productions (The Tazers – Plastic Kids), was shot at various locations in Johannesburg, and is a color soaked, dreamy, atmospheric take on the lyrical content of the song.

“I’ve suffered on and off with depression for years” says Moolman, “and was going through a particularly difficult time when I wrote the lyrics for Ghosts. It turned out to be an amazing way to process the experience of depression and at the end of it I was just so stoked to have worked on the track”. ‘Megalomanic’ is out now on all major streaming and download platforms.

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Co-Directed by Michael Rodrigues and Tarryn Hatchett

Featuring Jacques Moolman, Ray Neo Buso, Bradley Sekiti, Shaan Forster, Michael Lawrence Potter, Daniella Dagnin, Cameron Hatchett, Shaun James, Rachel Penny, Tarryn Hatchett, Michael Rodrigues and Rowan Robert 

Produced by Michael

DOP: Tom Revington 

Editor: William Kalmer at Post Modern 

Art Directors: Melissa Maxted-Henderson and Daniella Dagnin

Stylist: Melissa Maxted-

Colourist: Africa Majola at Post Modern 
Make-Up Artist: Nicci

Gaffer: Bryce Ninow 

Focus Puller: Nardus Van Niekerk 

Assistant Director: Rachel

Catering: Cheryl Rodrigues 

Many Thanks to Media Film Services, Olamuk, Post Modern, Pulp Films, Michael Hatchett, Justin Hatchett, Mzi Kumalo, Diplomat Luggage, and Michael Hattingh

A Shut Up, Virginia! Production


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