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Following the success of “Ek en Jy, Dikgat”, synth-pop duo MyMyMy finally reveals “Die Partytjie”, their second single of the year. It’s a hypnotic dream pop ode that nervously asks: “Is the partytjie dan nou verby?” (Is the party over, then?) Conrad van Breda and Jana Oosthuizen are back with a track so far removed from the wildly popular yet widely panned “Dikgat”, that almost nobody will assume that the same creators are involved here.


Johan Nel
“Die Partytjie” (“The Party”)

“It was amusing to see how rude people can be about something they don’t understand,” says Conrad. “We wanted to defend ‘Ek en Jy, Dikgat’ many times, with family and friends and especially with some unpleasant acquaintances. English people thought it was fat shaming. Afrikaans people thought it was anti-Afrikaner. The kommen people dismissed it as kommen k*k. But in the end, we decided not to argue with anyone.”

Their reaction to all this hoo-ha led to “Die Partytjie”. The song was recorded almost a year after the first lockdown began during a week of isolation in the small town Rooi-Els on the Kogelberg coast – in a house with a view of False Bay. So, in the context of this sombre anniversary, the outcome of the weekend’s creative processes seemed quite predictable: a meditation on the way forward in an ongoing pandemic.

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A first listen reveals a track that’s initially a sober and honest reflection on the difficult choices that musicians now face, but with the lyric “Is die partytjie dan nou verby?” – repeated 25 times – other possible meanings start bubbling under the surface. But what’s its meaning according to MyMyMy?

“Imagine it’s 05:00 in the morning. The last few guests are still around even though you’ve turned off the music three hours ago. Some are passed out in dark corners. Others – in their desperation – went searching for more pleasure. But you know they’re not going to find it. You know the party is over.”

Is this a metaphor? If it depends on MyMyMy, most certainly. “Our party covers many topics. It’s about weltschmerz, mortality, pandemic-induced depression, growing old, acceptance, empty liquor cabinets – but ultimately realising that going home is not always a bad thing.”

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The Video was shot in the dining room of the only bar in Rooi-Els, The Drummond Arms, known for its cosy atmosphere, great food and baboons. Jana explains: “The night we finished the recordings we had to celebrate. And while sipping a tequila or two, we decided that the video had to be shot here.”
It depicts MyMyMy’s last performance to a waning audience. “It’s interesting for us to imagine a show where the audience doesn’t really want to be there and everyone eventually leaves so, we sing to ourselves, the empty chairs and plastic table covers.” Johan Nel did the camera work and editing and succeeds in capturing the mystery of the environment and the sensitivity of the moment. The audience consists of Edo Mostert – who also did everyone’s make-up; Lucia Booyse – manager of The Drummond Arms; and Brend Cloete – visitor and local resident.

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Camera and Editing : Johan Nel

Make-Up and Styling : Edo Mostert

Venue : The Drummond Arms, Rooi-Els

Clothes and Styling : Jana Oosthuizen

Concept : Mymymy

Written and Produced by Conrad van Breda Mixed

Master by Ross Finck

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