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Ben Dey announced the release date of his much-anticipated solo debut album ‘In Flow’ – due November 26th – and today unveils the music video for the 2nd single with the release of ‘Honour’ featuring producers, Mutual Brothers.Following the first single released from ‘In Flow’, a cover of the Bob Marley song ‘Natural Mystic’, ‘Honour’ is the next and first single in a series of brilliant original tracks from Ben Dey to be unveiled every 2 weeks leading up to the release of the album.


Richard Gorven
Ben Dey

‘Honour’ is an afro spiritual, flow house song that pays homage to indigenous wisdoms. It reminds us to look deeper into the invisible architecture of life, as despite the lure of materialism, true meaning and purpose are often found in the intangible. “It is a great pleasure to feature my friends, the ‘Mutual Brothers’, on the track”, says Ben. Ben met the producer duo during his stay in Limpopo and worked with them on a few songs, some of which have now been included on the songwriter’s upcoming album, ‘In Flow’.

‘In Flow’ embraces Sepedi folklore, bringing light to a rich culture and people. Roots of reggae, folk, soul and flow house hug in harmony, pioneering a sound, unique and endemic to the African continent.

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Lyrics – Ben Dey

Music – Ben Dey, the Mutual Brothers Mixing

Recording engineer – Jurgen von Wechmar

Mastering – Tim Lengfeld

Music video director and videographer -Richard Gorven

Music video assistant videographer – Graham Hunt

Music video shot in Selwane village, in Limpopo, South Africa.

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