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AGEOFWAVES is an atmospheric rock group based in Cape Town, South-Africa. Its members and founders are Jak Thomas (Joshua Grierson), Gean Burrel (Winter Dreamer), Jacques Olwage (Bad Drugs, Lovegarden). The music is characterized by the minimal inputs from instruments to give intriguing movement to songs, drawing from various genres from Indian  music (Raga, Hindustani classical) to ambient.


Arno Kruger

The band was formed in +-2016 to perform at Rocking the Daisies as FOLLOWER after this performance the band took time to rewrite the set and truly become a group. In 2019 we had a private performance at a theatre in Milnerton to perform their debut album SIEN to 120 people. This album is a concept album, side A based on the Sun and side B based on the Moon and the music is written to this push and pull that we find ourselves in.

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The concept for the video comes from our external source of inspiration, the ocean. Before the first lockdown we went to the ocean on the last day before lockdown and filmed an entire sunset.

We thought this would be a nice gift to the community, while isolating. We were lucky enough to get the moon chasing the sun in this take. Arno Kruger then edited this with the song and did a great job with this.

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‘YGALTSFY’ is the debut single by AGEOFWAVES, from their forthcoming debut album ‘Sien’.

Directed & Edited by: Arno Kruger 

All music written by: AGEOFWAVES w/ additional score by Winter Dreamer (Gean Burrell) Lyrics by: Jak Tomas Recorded at: Sound and Motion Studios Engineered and Mixed by: Simon ‘Fuzzy’ Ratcliffe Mastered by: Andy ‘Hippy’ Baldwin at Metropolis All rights to this music, is held by AGEOFWAVES Contact





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